Healthy Foods….There’s a label for that!

Healthy Foods….There’s a label for that!

   While I’ve been on this detox journey, I’ve been in situations where I’ve had to buy snacks and had to find the healthiest I could find. I also found out that healthy comes with a price tag! Sometimes I had to pay $2-3 more for a healthy snack. For example, I was traveling in airport where the prices are already inflated. I could gave bought chips for $1.99 but I opted for healthy popcorn that was gluten free, dairy free, GMO free, anything bad “free” and a bag cost me $4.99!! This is when commitment meets up with your pocketbook and 99% of the time my pocketbook wins. Over the detox journey I can say commitment to healthy won while my pocketbook took a beating. 

But as I continued to buy healthy, I continued to see this blue and green label that said “Non-GMO verified”. It was on EVERY packaged label when I bought something that fit the diet of what I could eat. It was NEVER on the Doritos or the candy or the bagels or anything unhealthy. Interesting huh? So I decided to start thinking…if my healthy foods are non-GMO then what in the world are the everyday foods that me and a large majority have been eating??? GMO Foods are those that have been “genetically modified.” Let that simmer and marinate for a minute. I don’t like my kids or my husband even touching my food… I want them to get their own! But somehow the foods I’ve been eating, the foods you’ve been eating have “”genetically modified.”!!!!!! Something is just not right about that. For example, the gene strains of organisms, plants and our food have been genetically engineered to produce food or strains that’s not part of the normal species. They do this to produce more harvest quicker, faster and bigger!! That means you think you are eating a plum but you may actually be eating a plum and a tomato and round up fertilizer all at the same time. So at the end of the day when you feel good about yourself because you had a plum for a snack instead of Doritos, your body is confused because it just digested a plum tomato with fertilizer. Isn’t that something?? I’m new to the GMO stuff buy would encourage you to look up and research for yourself. Look for the good label!! See how many you can find in the foods you eat. And if you find it on a bag of Doritos…..I’ll give you $5 so I can buy me some more popcorn! 

Lentil flour Pita Chips


Naked Juices….they come in all flavors


Non GMO Foods



Second Weekend Detox….A Willing Mind


This past weekend was the second weekend on the detox journey and I’m happy to report the second was greater than the first! We were out of town this weekend so that presented a much different challenge than the first weekend. It was a weekend full of a hotel stay but also seeing old friends and fellowship and of course food. I wasn’t sure how I would eat great staying in a hotel and being confined to limited space but I made it work. We stayed in a suite with a mini refrigerator and I packed up my Vitamix! I went to the grocery store and bought all my fruits and veggies and simulated home for two days the best I could. You can see the pictures of all my produce, the produce stuffed in the mini fridge and you can see the final product-beautiful, healthy juice to start my days. I felt great!

One thing I know for sure is that where there’s a will, there’s a way. I could have easily ate the usual hotel fare at the hotel breakfast buffet but I decided to stay committed and do whatever was necessary to eat the best I could. 

We went to a friends house for dinner on Saturday and they were kind enough to have an awesome raw salad waiting on me that was first of all gorgeous, second it was healthy and lastly, it tasted great. They made a homemade lemon basil dressing and homemade fruit sherbet for me for dessert. I can’t tell you how special that was. So Day 13 was awesome.

On Sunday, Day 14 I started my day with my wonderful 32 oz juice and for dinner that day I was able to get me healthy food and vegan options at Earth Fare. Very delicious! 

There was plenty around me all weekend that wasn’t raw or healthy but I managed to persevere and not eat any of it. And it didn’t require any self talk. Just a willing mind and I had strength untold to say no to the “no’s” and yes’s to the good stuff. 

I’m so grateful I made it through! It’s now Day 15!! Let’s get it. Last week of detox…stay tuned. 

First Weekend Struggles-Detox Journey 

The detox journey continues and this past weekend was different than the week. On Saturday, I planned well and started off with a great smoothie and had 32 oz juice. I also packed my lunch and several snacks that were on my approved list. I was good until 5 pm and all of a sudden something kicked in mentally and I wanted to EAT! Eat anything that was not on my “approved” list. I didn’t want salad or fruit or nuts or water. I wanted to taste carbonation and sweet and cold. Hmm that’s not water. Not even close. The struggle began to amp up and all of a sudden I felt like I was in a mental warfare where I literally had to pray and fight and fight and pray. I had a house full of kids Saturday night for a sleepover but of course sleepovers are all about food and fun. Originally I was going to do pizza for the kids but I literally could taste the pizza in my mouth and I knew if I did I would eat pizza and the detox journey would have ended on Day 7. So I decided to make quesadillas because that’s still a fun kid food but most importantly it wasn’t anything I was craving like pizza and I felt I could say no to that. I made them and the struggle intensified. Not so much that I wanted quesadillas. I just simply wanted to eat. I wanted to taste flavor. I fixed plates for the kids and then proceeded to go upstairs and eat my natural, low calorie popcorn. For the next two hours until I went to bed, I had to do constant self-talk, pray and stay committed to not eat anything I didn’t need to. I finally realized my only self help I could do was to just go to sleep and wake up to a brand new day. And…that’s what I did. I slept and woke up on Sunday, Day 9 with renewed strength and determination. So, I made it thorough the first weekend and the second weekend is here. I’m on Day 12 and I’m praying and hoping I can have success again….this time without two hours of self-talk:-) Stay tuned. 

What’s wrong with my palate? Day 4 Detox


It’s the morning of Day 4 and I woke up not feeling juice, veggies, fruit or anything I’m supposed to eat. But conversely there’s nothing unhealthy I’m craving either. I can’t even think of anything that sounds good to eat. 

I went to juice bar at the hotel this morning and they had only four options to choose from and none sounded exciting. I saw the ingredient fennel in one of them and immediately thought to myself “How committed are you really?” Lol. Who puts fennel in a juice? How many of you know what fennel is without help from Google? Regardless lets just say it’s not strawberries. So I chose the best I could out of the four choices which was pineapple, cucumber and mint as pictured above. The taste….not good. You gotta really like cucumbers. And u really don’t. Couple on a salad I can stomach but not a major ingredient in my juice. I tried to drink but today I just couldn’t. Then I got me a plate of fruit with strawberries and pineapples. I put in my mouth and it tasted super sweet like it had extra sugar on it. What’s wrong with my palate? Nothing has tasted good this morning. Nothing at all. I’ve managed three glasses of water so far and have taken 8 of my 20+ plus detox pills I gotta take so that’s on track. What’s for lunch? I have no idea and nothing sounds good. I know I must eat because if I get too hungry that’s not good. Stay tuned to hear the ever changing detox journey. 

First 48- Day 2 Detox

  Yes yes I survived day 1 and I’m more than halfway through Day 2! If you are behind, check out yesterday’s blog. I’m counting each moment as success because it is definitely a moment by moment journey. Overall I’m doing ok and better than expected physically. Both mornings have been rough but once I’ve gotten past that rough 8-10 am hour it has been manageable. I did great yesterday all the way up to last night and I felt pretty bad with headache and extreme weakness. This is apparently normal.

I traveled today so it made honoring my healthy commitment a bit more challenging but doable. I started my morning at 6 am with 20 oz. homemade fruit and vegetable juice. After passing through the security gate before boarding the plane, I was hunting for healthy food choices. I came away with some trail mix and low fat popcorn. I munched some on the plane ride and hunger and turbulence doesn’t go together well AT ALL. But I made it through. I made it then to Atlanta airport and just knew I would find a plethora of healthy options. I got off plane and ran smack into Popeyes! I quickly sped up and found my gate area and all I walked away with was a banana and an orange. Yep that’s it.

So now as I am at the end of my day I’ve discovered in the first 48 hours that for me eating healthy requires preparation, commitment, and perseverance. I’ve had to mentally prepare and logistically prepare what I’m going to eat, where will I be and think about the most acceptable eating path when I don’t have my juicer in my back pocket. That is different for me and requires work on my part. My job is stressful and complete with breakfast meetings , get to know lunches, and social dinners frequently. I eat what is there and it’s easier to not think after having to think on all the other stresses of my job. But to be successful in this, I HAVE to think, plan and prepare.

Also, I’m discovering there is a mental part to this and a physical part. The physical part is just plain being hungry and those instances in the morning have been the worst. Hunger will decide and make choices for you lol! It bypasses my mind and logic. Logic takes a vacation and rationale takes the front seat. Rationale begins to speak up loudly and say ” you are hungry! , you need food, grab that biscuit, hunger is of the devil, hunger was not made for man, you deserve to eat, you gotta eat! Does any of this sound familiar? Or maybe only I have rationale screaming at me!! Nonetheless, I am trying to push pass the hunger, balance my eating and try to avoid hunger, and keep healthy snacks readily available.

So first 48 is about to be over and I’m grateful I’ve made it each hour. Stay tuned!!

Detox-Let’s Go

It’s June 1, 2015 and today I’m embarking on detox cleanse. Not sexy huh? No it’s not but necessary. I consider it a vacation for my body to relax, rejuvenate and repair itself from all the damage I’ve created inside. Our bodies take a beating daily with what we eat, how little we sleep, not enough exercise and the mental stress we carry from day to day. After doing that so long, the body begins to slow down, fill with diseases and “putters” when we try to move like we 20! So I’ve decided to take a break from as much unhealthy foods and lifestyle that I possibly can. I’ll be eating 75% raw as much as possible and no sweets, sugar, fried foods, breads, and sodas. Compared to what I normally eat, my body is probably going to panic and be all confused! But my hope and prayer is that after all the panic and confusion, I’ll feel better and feel the difference of healthy vs. unhealthy. My goal is to embark on this for three weeks…let’s go!

It Really Happened

Recently, the family and I took a weekend trip to Memphis, TN. The ultimate purpose was to see the National Civil Rights Museum. We had never been and I wanted to see it but as importantly, I wanted the kids to see it. I think it is important amidst all the Ipads, video games, and TV that we make an effort to show them non-fiction items..things that really happened. I am not a huge museum person but I do enjoy learning about things that happened in the past and trying to get as much of a clear picture oh how things happened. As we approached the National Civil RIghts Museum and turned on Lorraine Street, I started to feel the change in surroundings and started to try to mentally capture the scenes around me and how it must have been on that day when Rev. Martin Luther King was shot. As we walked through the museum, you felt like you were somehow transported back to the 1960’s. As I read each poster, listened to each audio, it was hard to believe the things I saw and heard. Because as I listened and saw, my current situation was that I was surrounded in this museum with people of every race, and the bathrooms were marked “women” and “men” and not “Colored”. It was crowded as we moved from room to room and shoulders were touching lightly as we maneuvered about. Yet we would get to a poster that read that whites and blacks could not sit in the same section at restaurants. We spent hours reading and listening on all the events of the Civil Rights Movement and I was in awe at the things that happened during that time. If I was in awe, can you imagine the children? They really have no concept of not having the same privileges as their friends who do not look like them. They have no concept of having separate bathrooms and restaurant sections. They have no concept of being jailed, burned, killed for the color of their skin. I have no real concept either. I have heard about it from my  mom, in-laws, grandparents, etc. but being in the museum and seeing additional accounts made it all more real. We have come a long way with yet still ways to go. As we got to the final room-it was the actual hotel room where MLK was shot. As we peered through the window, the room was as much recreated like the day he was shot and his final moments. His partially eaten room service was still on the desk, bed semi-made, and all things appeared as if he could walk in at any moment and finish his meal. But of course we know that is not how the story ends. His life ended that day on April 4, 1968 yet his life lives on in his legacy and the foundation he laid.

I was not there in 1968. I was not called or identified as a “colored” person. I did not get jailed for sitting on the bus. I do not truly know what it was like during that time. But..even though I was not, even though I only have gotten a glimpse through pictures…it really happened.

Lorraine Motel

Lorraine Motel

IMG_3757 IMG_3753 IMG_3765 IMG_3769

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks


Poster in the Civil Rights Museum

Poster in the Civil Rights Museum

Outside view of MLK room

Outside view of MLK room

The room where MLK was when he was shot

The room where MLK was when he was shot