Hello world!

I have just signed up to write a blog! I have toyed around with the idea for quite some time now and I decided today to just bite the bullet and start it. We will see how it goes and take it from there. I have two blogs that I read on a regular basis-my neighbor’s and a former colleague. When I have a few minutes, I always check out their blogs and read their comments. It always proves to be good reading and gives me a “peek” into what is going on in their lives and their thoughts, etc. So….I will plan to do the same. I will share my thoughts, my opinions, and just everyday items of what may be going on in the “Mason world.” It will serve as an outlet for me to journal and write regardless of the number of hits I may or may not get. But, I hope I get a few hits:) We will see…..let the blog party BEGIN!


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Hello Mason Family!
    I’m also new to the blog community, but have given it a go a few times and like the results. Good for you for “leaping” into the 2000’s (ha!)

    Quick update on the Carlsons….Josh is 6.5 months old and crawling, teething, standing up on anything taller than him and laughing at everything! He is SO FUN and I’ve loved being a mom more now than I ever thought possible.
    Even with teaching opportunities, I decided that my BEST opportunity was here at home with my son, so for the time being, I’ve taken on the stay at home mom occupation and am embracing every moment. Teaching opps will always be there, but Josh will not always need me the way he does now. Will is still at 3M and is busier than ever. He has recently purchased a new set of clubs which he loves. Josh bought him a new putter for Father’s Day to complete the set.
    Okay…I’m off for now.
    Great hearing from you and I look forward to reading more of your updates!!
    Love and miss you,

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