My Kids are Growing Up

Missing 1st tooth!

Missing 1st tooth!

My daughter, Lauren is 5 years old and she lost her 1st tooth on Sunday. About a week ago, while she was eating breakfast, she complained that her teeth hurt. As I went over and examined them, I noticed she had two loose teeth to my dismay. Yes….I had a classic mommy moment as I realized even more fully that “my baby” was no longer a baby. She is growing up!

If that is not enough, our son Lucas is now 7 months old and it seems like yesterday I was in the delivery room holding him for the first time. Now, he is already losing some of his dependence to me and that causes me to have yet another mommy moment. He no longer is the small cuddly baby that used to lay in the crook of my neck and snuggled closely. He is now 20lbs. and is rolling over and reaching and grabbing for everything in sight. What happened to the babies? As I continue to realize the fact that my kids are growing up, I cannot help but be a little sad and start to reflect on the short, but quick time that has passed. I began to ask myself the questions: “Have I played with them enough?”  “Have I showed them enough?” “Have I loved on them enough?” I cannot undo the past, but what I can do is start today and show them the most and best love a mother can give:)


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