New Chapter Awaits

Well…I have been off the past week as I am about to transition to a new job tomorrow. This past week has been one of much needed solitude and rest after the mad rush I have been a part of the past 2 years My last job was one of much chaos, much tears, and much stress. It was definitely a learning experience and I have grown tremendously both personally, but especially professionally. It gave me great confidence in my professional ability to deliver great results to the customers I support and that I can truly do good HR work. Taking the job was a risk and a leap, but with God’s help, I made it through with flying colors. Even though it was one of the craziest places I have ever worked, if given the opportunity I would still make the same choice. But, now as I leave I am happy to be able to be relieved of the stress and many complaints this last job doled out on a daily basis. I am happy to work less hours and spend more time with my family. I am ecstatic at the idea of less travel and very ecstatic about the notion that when I am off work, I am truly off. I no longer have to worry about my cell phone ringing at 8pm at night while I am trying to put my kids to bed. I do not have to worry about the next fight that may break out at work that I will have to referee. I could go on and on, but why? That chapter in my life is over now and I embark on a new chapter tomorrow. I am not going to utopia because there will be challenges I am sure at the new company. But, one thing is for certain I will not be at my old job tomorrow. I am excited, but nervous about this new chapter and how it will unfold.


2 thoughts on “New Chapter Awaits

  1. Hey Barbara,
    Funny that I picked today to check on you through your blog!!! I hope your first day on your new job is every thing you’d hoped and your are confirmed in every way that you made the right decision!!! (no doubt that you will!!!) We miss you at Omax!

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