1st Page of the New Chapter

Well…the 1st day of the new job is over and it went OK. I woke up this morning and was briefly anxious at starting a new job today and wished for a bit of familiarity and comfort level. It is true….people do not like change for it can be uncomfortable. I have typically not been one afraid to change-most times I look forward to it. However, this morning for whatever reason things were different. The anxiety lasted about 2 minutes and then faded as I told myself assuredly that to return to the familiar was not a good option either.

Today I was at the corporate office and did all the typical 1st day “stuff.” Later this afternoon, I began training from the incumbent whose position I was taking. That went well-just lots of new acronyms to learn, policies to read, etc. I did realize today that this transition will be just that- a transition, an adjustment. Even though I will still be doing HR-it will be in a brand new industry and in some respects, a brand new way. The sheer pace I observed today is drastically different than what I have experienced in a LONG time. It was so quiet and peaceful there today with no interruptions. I was so amazed and dumbfounded. I have gone from having a line of people standing outside my door waiting to talk to me, cell phone ringing, and emails constantly coming to a place where that did not seem to exist. I am sure there may be moments of chaos in my new space, but it may just appear in different ways. I am going to take a deep breath and blow out the air and blow away the past. Then, I will breathe in and say a thankful prayer that I have a new opportunity to learn something new and be thankful that I am able to experience some quiet.  I will take each day as it comes and open my mind to experience something different and new.


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