Continuous Job Transitions

I have gone through Day 4 of my new job and each day has been better than the one before it. Each day I began to learn a little more about the company, the job, etc. Today, my boss came up from Atlanta and we met and I found out I am being moved to support a different facility in October. Yes, you are correct….it has only been 4 days and I am being moved to a different facility. I was surprised because yesterday was my 1st day at the location I am supporting and I felt like I was “settling in.” I felt comfortable with the leadership team and everyone there made me feel so warm and welcome. Now, today I find out I will support a different facility (the place where I worked Tuesday). I am OK with the change because both facilities have their pluses and minuses, but I now have to transition and re-shift my thinking. The new facility I am going to is a flagship location for the company with a lot of visibility and attention. The leadership team I will support is fairly new and the Plant Mgr I hear is pretty tough and extremely high level. So….over the next couple of months, I will be learning both facilities and will fully move in October. I feel like I will be in a transition within a transition. Just when I thought it would be easy…here comes the challenge. I will still take one day at a time and before long, I would have strung a lot weeks, then months and then hopefully I can write a success story in my blog!


3 thoughts on “Continuous Job Transitions

  1. I like the new look!

    I wish you well at the new job. I know all too well how that can be (I once was your new employee, remember?)

    You’ll do fine, and in no time it will feel like “home.”

  2. Hey Barb,

    It was a great surprise to see you guys last Sabbath. Very, very nice!

    Sounds like you may have many more changes in your career. I heard this is common in bigger cities. I love your 1 day at a time approach. It works in all areas of life. Blessing my sista!


  3. There’s a line in the song God the says, “through my transition you held my position…” No matter how your job transitions, God placed you there and He will help you navigate every twist and turn.
    Congrats and your new job! Love the blog.

    God bless,

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