Free Stuff!

Is anything free anymore? Most of us would say a resounding NO, but there are some things that are still free in this world. Recently at a doctor’s appointment for my son, the doctor prescribed an antibiotic for an ear infection and he informed me to fill the prescription at Publix because it would be free! I looked amazed and said “Did you say free?” He repeated it and said yes that it would be free. I would have never thought you could get a prescription filled for free. He then said they have a list of drugs they give for free. I left the doctor’s office in sheer amazement. So, I called the Publix pharmacy to verify this story and they validated every word he said. I went to the pharmacy just expecting to get different information, but I didn’t. They filled the prescription and I walked away with it not paying anything-it was completely and totally FREE! And they gave me the list of all the free medicines you can get filled with a prescription. I hate that I did not know about this when my daughter was at the age of constant ear infections and illnesses. Oh well, I am just glad to know that there are still free things in life:) Even if it is an antibiotic for an ear infection.


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