It is the end of the week and I have taken time often this week to reflect on all that has transpired as I have transitioned to a new job. Not only my job has changed, but I have changed somewhat. Even my husband commented that I am a different person, less stressed, and more relaxed. Sometimes we do not realize how our job and environment can impact us and neither do we realize just how stressed we are at times. I have even noticed that my 5 year old’s behavior has changed dramatically in the past 2 weeks. She is mannerable and increasingly more obedient. I have practiced speaking to her in a very calm and paced voice when correcting her, etc. I have not been as easy to have a quick or sharp tongue if she is being disobedient. I am thankful for this.

Each day of the job, I pondered about how different it was from the job I just left and it seems surreal. It is the little things I have seen at my new place that I find so different, but yet enjoyable. For example, every person I have met this week shook my hand when they greeted me for the 1st time. WOW! I know that it sounds crazy to others, but this is evidence of a complete change from my last company. None of the hourly associates there shook your hand, much less spoke to you warm and welcoming. The flavor for the day there was mumbling, grumbling and complaining. There was either a contest of who could wear their pants sagging the lowest or who could break the most rules. Everyone I encountered this week at work was very professional and just downright polite. I literally sat there in my office thinking ” Are they really going to pay me to do this?” The entire environment was calm and less chaotic. And as a result, I am calm and less chaotic. And as a result of that, my family is calm and less chaotic. For that, I am so grateful. Grateful to God because he truly did not have to give me this opportunity.

When I prayed for a new job, I asked the Lord to grant me my desire only if it was his will. I asked him to close all the doors that I did not need to walk though and to open the one that was for me. And he did just that! I had two opportunities at the same time and I watched God close a door to one that I knew was a shoe-in. And then I saw him work through this opportunity that I now have and I was moved to sheer gratefulness. The Bible says that he provides our needs (hunger, lodging, etc). But, isn’t it even more special when he gives us our desires? To me, that is extra:)

Also, I have gotten up earlier this week (4:30 am) than I believe I ever have on purpose. One, I have to be at work earlier and have a longer drive. But, most importantly I got up to have morning devotion and it has been great. I was able to leave home knowing I had spent personal time with God and was peaceful. All in all, I am enjoying what this past week has shown me about myself and how I am becoming a new person. I can hear things I was not hearing and I can see things I have not been able to see. All because the noise has lessened in my life and the chaos has declined.  Thanks God for the quiet….)


One thought on “Reflection

  1. I’m so glad the new job is working out!! What you wrote here was very inspiring. I too am trying to do better at my morning devotionals and am very much enjoying it!

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