Must We Dare to Hope?

The news has been a buzz the past 2 weeks as it has covered both the Democratic and Republican National Convention. I originally started this post the last night of the Democratic convention. Needless to say, I was fired up and ready to vote after hearing Obama’s speech the final night. Time got away and I was not able to write it that night. Now, another week has passed and I have seen the opposite side as I watched parts of the Republican Convention. There was a stark difference between the two. I am an Obama fan, so of course one may say I am biased. BUT….there was so much energy and great speakers during the Democratic Convention. Each speaker spoke to the issues at hand. And yes, since this is politics-there were occasional remarks directed about the opponent McCain and his inability to be an effective President. Well, as I watched the Republican convention, it was nothing short of a “Bash Obama” Show. They did not talk about issues or what they would do to support the U.S. All they did was berate and take every possible jab at Obama. I thought Sarah Palin took enough cheap shots to last her the rest of the campaign.

And let’s talk about Mrs. Palin. Since no one even knew who she was less than 2 weeks ago, that was her time to show America who she is and what she stands for. All I heard was her dislike and sarcasm for Obama. And, oh yea I was able to piece together that she is a mother of 5 kids running for VP of the U.S.  Her latest child is 5 months with Down Syndrome. I am a working mom with 2 kids and sometimes find it difficult to strike the perfect balance between the two and spend adequate time with my kids. I cannot imagine my job being the Vice-President of the United States of America. Who does that?

Anyway, back to Obama…I thought his remarks were inspiring and unifying. There have been many critics that have said that he is not a realist and that all he talks about is change. One thing is for certain-WE NEED CHANGE. Is Obama a realist? I think so. I think he see the glass half full and not half empty. I think he sees the beauty of teamwork and unity. As I continued to watch him, I became more invigorated about the possibilities he talked about and the dreams he mentioned. I asked myself “Is this all fluff?” or “Must I dare to hope?” Do you think there were people in 1963 that thought Dr. Martin Luther King was not a realist? Were there critics that not only wanted his words to not come true, but also doubted that it was even possible? I am sure there were some. And yet, 45 years later not only has “his dream” materialized, it has also been realized in having an African-American presidential nominee!!! So….must we dare to hope? Must we dare to think that maybe, just maybe we can have change. My answer……YES, WE CAN!!!


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