To Be A Kid Again

Lauren enjoying being a kid!

Lauren enjoying being a kid!

The family and I went on a vacation recently to Atlanta for almost a week. We picked Atlanta because it was close and quite frankly, it was an unknown. I have been to Atlanta on several occasions, but it was always for work. My trips consisted of going to and from the hotel to work and work alone. I was never there long enough to see any attractions or truly enjoy the place. So, we set off there for our vacation and we had a blast! Lauren enjoyed it a lot and is already asking to go back. We did the Georgia Aquarium, Stone Mountain, the new World of Coke, CNN Studio Tour and Centennial Park. And, of course, we went shopping. Each day was filled with a new activity and hours of fun.  We only had to drive 2 hours to get there and had just as much fun.

On our trip to Centennial Park, (built for the 1996 Olympics), there is a Fountain of Rings that has bursts of intermittent water shooting up. Also, they have music water shows where the water “dances” to the music. Well, kids love water of course. So…water meets Lauren and Lauren met the water. She jumped in with all her might and laughed and squealed as she felt the water bursts coming from each side. As I watched her, it looked like fun and it definitely looked cool as the 95 degree weather beat down on me. But, the “adult” in me thought about the after effects: My clothes will be wet, my hair will have to be done all over again, and I will be plain wet and uncomfortable. The adult in me kept me on the sideline as I thought about what being wet will yield afterwards. How come I just couldn’t live in the moment like Lauren? Kids just go for it until you tell them to stop. They are truly able to live in the moment and enjoy it. Ah…to be a kid again!


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