All Abloom!

I LOVE FLOWERS! They uplift my spirit and they just speak life to me. I know some people who do not like flowers because they die. Well…when they die, I just go and buy more. Also, I love to work outside in my yard and garden, plant, etc. This summer, my husband and I worked on our front yard as a project and decided to liven it up. Last summer, I was pregnant and could barely stand, much less bend down to plant anything in the summer months. We started in May and I told Marcus I wanted to have a retaining wall and then plant some flowers. Well…Marcus was not up for the challenge and suggested we call someone to do it. We called and got a price of $300-500 including the bricks. I am too cheap for that, so I then suggested: “Why don’t we just do it ourselves? How hard could it be…it is just laying some bricks down right?” He looked at me as if I were crazy.  The next thing he knew, I was shoveling dirt making room for my new bricks I was going to buy for the retaining wall I was going to build! As he noticed the impending disaster, he began to help before our front yard was completely tore up. Long story short, we finished the retaining wall after many weeks of hard, hot labor. After that, I drug Marcus along on another yard project:revamping our rock garden. It had an ugly flower growing throughout that just laid everywhere and took up all the space. We pulled it out and replaced it with some calla lilies, zinnias and petunias. We have a corner lot and several people have stopped by to say how pretty it looks! I am proud of our work and I am enjoying the last remnants of our summer blooms. Mmmm….now it is time to think about what I can do for the fall????


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