A Dessert Delight!

I am in downtown Atlanta for a business trip and like all business trips, you go out to eat for dinner with your work peers. Tonight, we opted for something close and lucked up on a restaurant within walking distance 150 yards from the hotel. It was called Durango’s. It was a casual atmosphere with outside seating and a large menu variety to choose from. I looked at the menu and went to the dessert section. One of my friends (thanks Angela!) taught me some years ago that you start your menu search with the desserts and then work your way back:) How many times do you want a fabulous dessert, but you are too full to to even consider it? Or is a good dessert more appealing than an entree? Lots of times for me it is!

My dessert choice for tonight was Mexican Fried Ice Cream-utterly delightful!  I chose this because I had never had it and the description had my name beside it:) It was a ball of ice cream (good ice cream, I might add) rolled in crunchy nuts, served alongside some crispy triangles covered in cinnamon/butter mix. There was a choice of toppings-chocolate, honey, strawberries, or raspberries. I chose strawberries and it topped it off perfectly. That was by far one of the best desserts I have had in quite some time. It was well worth eating less dinner and no bread just to have that. So, if you ever make it to downtown Atlanta, stop by Durango’s and try this dessert delight. You will love it for sure.


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