Familiarity Breeds Easy Decisions

Familiarity can breed a sense of contentment and comfort. Once you have done something before without failure, it is easier to do it again. The same holds true with your kids. I guess that is why people always joke that the more kids you have, the more lax you become. As a first-time parent, you are cautious to the extreme and will fight someone to sanitize the pacifier your newborn just dropped. You would not dare to put a pacifier back in their mouth that they dropped on the floor for half a millisecond! Well, the 2nd kid comes and I can certainly attest that you are more lax with the 2nd. No, we do not let Lucas eat dirt…but, we are open to more things than we were with Lauren.

This familiarity concept, I think, is how we arrived at our decision with Lucas having surgery. He will be having surgery next week to have tubes put in his ear. Lauren had the same surgery when she was 20 months old. That was a whole year after the doctor recommended it! She had a rash of ear infections that would no longer respond to antibiotics or shots. He wanted to do tubes at 8 months and we could not bear the thought of our baby having surgery. We made it through that winter without having surgery and spring came. She was good and infection free for the summer. As the winter approached, the ear infections re-occurred. After sleepless nights, missed time from work, and seeing her in pain, we relented to have the surgery. I am glad we did and it was not as bad as we had imagined. Literally, the surgery may have lasted 18 minutes and that may be a stretch. The hardest part is when they wheel them away, but before you know it, it is over. And the benefit after Lauren;s surgery was phenomenal. Within hours, you could tell she could hear and her vocabulary skyrocketed. Her tubes stayed in for 2 years and we have not had any ear infections since then that I can remember.

Lucas has had 6 ear infections in 8 months and we did not hesitate or even ponder about whether or not to do the surgery. We have been there and done that which makes it so much easier. There is comfort and hope in familiarity. I do understand that he is a different child, so the outcome could possibly be different. We are willing to try though. We pray that his surgery is as successful as Lauren’s.


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