Genuine or Political?

The news has been abuzz the entire election season. Today was no different as John McCain decided to suspend his election to “help” with the American financial crisis. Noble idea, huh? The first thing that popped in my head was if this was a genuine move or a political one? The news reports state that Obama called McCain earlier this morning to suggest that they both take a united stance together on their thoughts and ideas of ways to help with the economic crisis. Then later this afternoon, McCain decides to suspend his campaign. Again, genuine or political? It is sad that we even have to ask these questions. What do you think?


One thought on “Genuine or Political?

  1. It is political either way regardless of it authenticity. But with McCain’s post convention bounce fading away and the economy being a self-professed weak point, he has to feign the appearance that he is doing something. This bailout is hugely important and the last thing it needs is to have presidential politics infused into a already complex issue.

    I am tiring of the McCain/Palin “no talk” express. I say let’s get to the debate so we can find what a fraud McCain really is.

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