A New Kind of Shower

I must admit that I am not fond of showers-baby, wedding,etc. They were fun when I was the bride or the new mom I guess. But, after 1 or 2 of these-you might as well stick a pencil through your eye:) And it seems when you are in that twenty-something phase,there is literally a wedding or baby shower every month you have to attend. By baby shower #15, you have seen the pregnant mom put the string around her belly and you have seen the new bride open Blender #12! Anyways, I was asked to help throw a wedding shower for one of my friends back home. She is like my little sister  and I have been waiting on this event. I was really glad to do it and started planning with another friend of ours. At the bride’s request, we co-hosted a Jack and Jill (couples’ shower) type of shower.

It was anything but traditional. You see, it was a tell-all shower. The bride wanted to have a couples’ shower that highlighted advice, storytelling, and all the things that “people do not tell you about marriage.” And we delivered! We started the night off with good food, of course. And then we split into men and women groups. Our 1st session started with the bride spending 20 minutes with the male group while the groom spent that time with the female group. In those sessions, we let them ask whatever questions they had about whatever they wanted and we also shared much needed advice. We talked the gamut of sex, finances, romance, in-laws, household chores, etc. All advice was given in terms of our own experiences and lessons we had learned over the years in our marriages.

After the 1st 20-minute session, the bride and groom swapped and it was then the ladies’ turn to talk to the bride and the men talked to the groom.  Next, we came back together as a big group and shared a recap of all the things we had discussed. It was full of laughter and humor as we listened to the similar stories, mistakes and lessons shared by the group. It was then time to eat cake and open presents. For the presents, the ladies gave the bride pampering gifts and the men gave the groom tools to go in his new toolbox. The men then had to explain how the tool given related to marriage. For example, one of the gifts Marcus gave was an adjustable wrench. He talked about you have to be adjustable and flexible in marriage using the similarity of the wrench.

Finally, we had a commitment prayer with the engaged couple as the married couples renewed their commitment to each other. It was a great night and the best shower I have been a part of! I wish I would have thought about something like that when I was engaged.  A new twist on an old tradition!


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