Not So Bad After All

We woke up bright and early to take Lucas in his for surgery this morning. We had to be there at 5:45 am! It is times like this that we miss being home with family because we also had to get Lauren up and take her with us. Anyways, the process went smooth when we got there and the staff was very helpful the entire time. They took him back at 6:38 am to perform the procedure (tubes put in ears) and I felt a slight twinge of sadness as the nurse took him back to the operating room. I held it together and went to sit down to clear my head. Marcus, my news addict, turned on the TV to CNN of course. So, I sat there and watched with him for a few minutes. Moments later, the anesthesiologist came by to let us know Lucas did well with the anesthesia and that he would be done in a few minutes. A couple of more minutes went by and the nurse came by to say that the surgery was over and he was in recovery.

At 6:52 am, the nurse knocked on the door and brought Lucas back in. So, it was not so bad after all and I no longer feel like a guilty mommy. He was away for 14 minutes total! You just can’t get better than that. We are thankful that everything went well and we pray he continues to heal well.


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