A New Project

The weather is getting a little cooler so it is time to move my husband from the outside projects to the inside projects. I am sure he would rather I leave him alone and let him rest. But it is not time to take a break yet. Our new project is changing the color in our dining room. When we moved into the house, the dining room was painted a chocolate brown!



Very different color that most people love when they walk in the house along with the whole wall of glass that is part of the dining room. It was the model home, so I guess it had to be different huh? Well, I liked the chocolate wall most days, but Marcus LOVED the wall. So, I decided to work with it since it was different. Now, it has been 18 months or so and I have not been able to work any wonders with the wall in terms of decorating the room, etc.  I could never find the perfect window treatments, colors, decor, etc. And I am not good at the decorating thing so that does not offer many rewards in this category. Hence, the reason to change.

I chose the color Spanish Red that I had seen in my friend’s house. I had a dark red in my kitchen in Huntsville that I loved. So, I decided to stay in the red family since it was tried and true. The red kitchen we had back home was painted by a friend of ours. No painting friends here. So, what option is next? Meet Marcus the painter! Painting red though is more than just a notion for sure. We had to start with a primer first before even attempting the red. And to add to it are the chair rail and shadow boxes that I want trimmed in white and not all red. That has added to the level of difficulty and the meticulousness of the project. So far, we have done 2-3 coats of primer, started 1 coat of red, and taped the shadow boxes and trim.

I am little nervous because the red is not looking the way it did in my friend’s house and it seems very bright. But, there is no turning back now. Stay tuned to see if we survive this one!


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