Much To Say

I have much to say about all that is going on in the news, with the top two being the election and the economy. Those two items are the hottest thing going. Even people that typically do not watch the news are watching the news. And for those who were already news junkies like my husband…well, they are in news euphoria.  As of late, I have gotten on the news bandwagon myself and it has been a rocky ride to say the least.

Let’s start with the economy. Everyday for the past few weeks, there has been a gloomy story about the economy and it is interesting to hear all the different perspectives out there. They range from complete chaos “take my money out of the bank” to “everything is fine, this too shall pass” syndrome. Where is the middle or realist viewpoint I must ask? The truth is that the economy is in terrible shape and it is the worst it has been since the Great Depression. We have tried rebate checks to stir the economy to no avail. Companies have closed, laid off thousands, and unemployment is steadily increasing. Now, we have pushed and waved the banner for the “bailout” package, yet there is no bailout. The only thing bailing out is our freedom as we head more into the prison of debt. Isn’t it funny how there were such direct statements that if the bailout proposal did not pass through Congress IMMEDIATELY, that our economy would be in dire danger? The day after it passed, the comments shifted to remarks that the bailout was not an immediate fix and we will see an ill economy into 2009.  I do not claim to be a genius, but something does not sound right about that. What is really going on and how long will it continue? Will it get better? What will it take to get better? I will share more pointed opinions about that in a later post.

As for the presidential election, we are 27 days away! It is an interesting time and I hate that it is being shared the stage with a failing economy. How might things be different if that were not the case? I do not know that it would…I just wonder. I watched the debate last week with Biden and Palin. It was comical if I could use such a word to describe it. It was two opposing personalities at their best of what they do. They both chose to answer questions that were not asked, but overall I thought Biden did a better job with his answers and communication. Palin , in my opinion, only did a good job by the press because she has utterly made an embarrassing spectacle of herself the previous times she has opened her mouth. So, did she recover? Yes, she recovered. But it would not have been considered great by any standard if she had not gained the bad reputation prior. She has the potential to be a strong female VP candidate if she would just lose the “Say it ain’t so Joe” rigmarole and sound educated and familiar with what she is talking about. Or at least learn the old lesson of faking it until you can make it!

As for the debate last night, I thought both Obama and McCain did OK. Obama fared better on some answers and vice versa. McCain could have used some better choice of words than he chose too. Overall, it was a decent, not outstanding debate. We will see what happens next week for the 3rd debate.

All in all, I have much to say and there IS much to say about the current state of the world. I do not believe though that it is just news. I think everything going on also has an underlying religious connection as well. Read Matthew 24 as it talks about last day events. You just might have much to say yourself!


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