A New Resolution…in October

My new pedometer!

My new pedometer!

  Most new resolutions happen January 1. So, it is odd of course to start one in October I realize. But, I am not going to wait until January. I bought a pedometer last week in an effort to jump start, re-start, or just plain start putting some action behind my words that state I want to be healthy. I have been saying that for quite some time, but it has equally been quite some time since I have done something about it. I have altered my eating habits some, but I have failed miserably in the exercise category. Trust me, I have plenty of excuses with the biggest one being that I do not have time. I am a mother of two kids right? Well, I must start somewhere.

So, I still have not mapped out when I will exercise, how I will exercise or what exercise I will do. All I have done is buy a pedometer. I had to start somewhere and that is my 1st step. My goal now is to take it out of the package and start wearing it tomorrow and increase my number of steps per day. Wish me luck on my October resolution!


One thought on “A New Resolution…in October

  1. I understand your challenge with the exercise thing. I am a single woman with no children and still cannot find time to exercise. But you know, it is all in our minds. We can find time for what we really want to do and unfortunately exercising ain’t it. I have paid Curves money every month since March and have been twice so sometimes using a membership as motivation is not the key either. Are there any places in the area that has a program that you and Lauren can take together like mother and daughter dance classes or something like that? That might get you motivated and you two can spend time together and bond. Maybe even a baby and me with Lucas. You ever notice how other people have ideas but they are not doing anything? Yeah that would be me. I have said I was going to take a dance class for the past 3 year and the most I did was look the places up online. Too bad exercising of the fingers isn’t enough to keep us healthy! Regardless of the month on the calendar, go forth with your resolution. Good luck to you!

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