The Price of a Noise

Two facts right up front:

FACT #1-I drive an Acura 3.2 TL.       FACT #2-I am cheap by most people’s standards. How are the two related? Keep on reading. First of all, I must say I love my car. It is pure luxury and drives like butter with a sports type engine. When I was looking for a car 4 years ago, I had narrowed it down to an Acura or a Lexus. The Acura won out and I have enjoyed it every since.

About me being cheap. If you let my husband tell it, I am real cheap.  When we go together to purchase a major item, he always goes for the most expensive item and I go for the cheapest. You can imagine the many discussions we have on which to buy. In the past year or so, I have admitted I am cheap and I have tried to have more balance.

Well..a few weeks ago, I got in my car and locked the doors. Out came a loud squeaky, squealing noise as I locked the doors. It literally scared me because it was so loud every time I locked the doors. I told Marcus about it and we talked about how and when we could get it fixed with our work schedules. In my mind, I figured it needed a little WD-40 and a new part. Total price in my mind of what it would cost-$75 tops! Well, I asked Marcus just how much he thought it would be to fix it and he said “Oh, probably about $150!” My eyes got big and my mouth got taut as he had already doubled the price in my mind. How could a lock repair cost that much? And remember I am cheap, so that was an extra whammy to my budget conscious mind as I pored in my head what I would have to not buy so that this would all work out. I already had shopping on my monthly list, so I moved that to the side in my head as I caught my breath over $150. My next thought-do I really need to get this fixed? How many times will I have to lock my door? These were the thoughts in my cheap head. Marcus then informed me to stop being cheap and ridiculous and said we needed to get it fixed becasue the lock would eventually go out. So, a few weeks later we took it in to be fixed and later that afternoon, the mechanic called to let me know how much it was going to be. I had already accepted the $150, so I was not worried when he called. A few seconds later, I went in pass out mode again when he told me it would be $368.00 to fix the lock! WHAT!!! I looked at Marcus and asked him what did he know about fixing locks. He said he could probably do it, but not 100% sure and it would take him a long time. The mechanic then said the part itself cost $250. Long story short, we got the lock fixed yesterday.

The price of a noise??? I was glad this morning that I could lock my door when I got to work and not worry about someone being in the parking lot to hear the embarrassing sound. But, we are $368 less than I would want right now. Again, the price of a noise? I’ll just go and cry now…


One thought on “The Price of a Noise

  1. Mason, you are very cheap, lol. My concern would have been whether or not that loud noise was going to change into an electrical problem where the doors don’t lock or unlock. Nothing more scary than being in a car that does not unlock! But aren’t you glad you got it fixed? Riding in a nice car with a loud noise. Just not cool 🙂

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