Project 102 Update

Here is an update on the dining room painting project: We have finally painted the whole room red and did  the trim in white on the chair rail and shadow boxes. It looks pretty good-not too amateurish. It is far different than the previous chocolate wall and that I am glad about. It was a tedious process because red is hard to paint anyway and we had to be meticulous with the white trim, etc. Overall, I am glad we did it. Next, we have bought new window treatments to go in that room and have put them up halfway. They look OK, not as good as I imagined though. We will keep them up through the weekend and add the valances and decor and see if it grows on us. The dilemma is that I have not found anything else to go with this room if we decide to not keep this. We currently have up red sheers and the panels are gold. I would prefer a print with red/gold, but I have been unsuccessful. I am just not good at this. Stay tuned as we continue Project 102…


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