Pumpkin Patch Fun

I took the kids to a local Pumpkin Patch today and we had a great time. These events are so reminiscent of fall, harvest, and the entire new season. Even though this season starts the process of death with leaves dying, fall is a very invigorating time to renew and reflect.

Fall is by far my favorite season and time of the year. I love the weather because it is not too hot and not too cold-it is just right. You can wear shorts or you can wear long sleeves-just take your pick. Today was no different. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was as well. I watched Lauren play and I strolled around Lucas. Even though I was watching them, I had quiet time with my thoughts to reflect on my blessings I have and to just appreciate the nature around us. The Pumpkin Patch was situated on a lake with great scenery and lots of area to roam around. They had hay rides, train rides, games, storytelling, and several inflatables. They also let the kids pick a pumpkin and build scarecrows if they chose to do so. All in all, it was a great experience and I am glad I took them.  Thumbs up to the Pumpkin Patch!


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