Ambitions of a 5-year old

I picked my daughter up from school today and we had our usual after school talk. During the conversation she said, “Mommy, I am going to be a doctor when I grow up.” I told her that was great and I asked her what made her want to be a doctor. Her response was :”My brain told me I was going to be a doctor.”

 I asked her why she wanted to be a doctor and she stated:”  I want to help people and I do not want them to be sick.” I affirmed her and told her that she could be a doctor if she wanted to and that it was a great idea. My heart was proud just to hear her speak those words in her innocence, yet sincerity. I have noticed in the past 6 months, she seems fascinated with doctors. To add, her only request for her 5th birthday was a medical set. Who knows how long this ambition will last? I am sure there is some statistic out there that says the average person changes their life dreams/ambitions 18.4 times in their life. But, today my baby wants to be a doctor. So, today I accept her ambition until a new one arises.


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