Sad moment

Today, my 9 month old son moved up to the next class at daycare for 9-12 months. It made me sad because #1-it is a change and #2-it means that he is growing up. With Lauren, I always anticipated the next step wondering when she would crawl, when would she walk, when would she drink from a cup and the list goes on and on….With Lucas, I have found myself not anticipating or even rushing the next stage. I savor each moment, each day, each second to enjoy his infancy and innocence. Moving up to the next class marks the fact that he is getting older and that the time is fastly slipping away. At the least, it helps keep in perspective my priorities as a mother and to not delay for later what I can enjoy today as their mother. I reflect back 5 years ago before we had kids and how my priorities were different.  I was very much interested in my career and moving up the corporate ladder. Now things have changed for sure. I still have a desire to excel at work but it is more about making sure the work I do is quality because it bears my name. It is less about making sure I get the next promotion, etc.

In fact, my kids and family were the main reason I switched jobs 2 months ago. It was more favorable for me to find a job with less hours and less travel. I am now able to spend more time with my kids, savor each moment, and be sad he is growing up, but not regretful.  I am now able to be a better mother that is more present in his life. So even in my sadness, I am thankful.


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