Why Heaven?

Marcus and I were riding in the car yesterday and as he was driving, he looked up in the sky and remarked that he sometimes wonder what it will be like when Jesus returns. He talked about when he thinks about it, he gets a warm feeling inside. He said that when Jesus returns he wants to meet him in peace and not be one of those that are crying for the rocks to fall on them as the Bible states in Revelations 6:16. I then agreed with him and affirmed that I too wanted to meet Jesus in peace. As I said the words, I had a sobering thought pass through my mind. The question came to me-“Why do I want to go to heaven?” Do I want to go to heaven because I do not want to go to hell? Is my motivation just to avoid hell? If there were a 3rd option (besides heaven or hell), would I choose that option?

The mere thought caused me to think long and hard about my current commitments and the intent behind them. If I am just trying to avoid hell, will my intent alone get us to the desired result? Just questions that make you go ….hmmm. In my heart, I want to see Jesus face to face and be able to look upon the person that has saved me from this world. I want to be in the presence of the one who saw fit to die for my sins when I was so unworthy. In my heart, I truly believe that is my intent. Yet, I am thankful for the sobering thought that caused me at least to evaluate my intent. So many times, we have believed a certain way for years, but we rarely check in with those beliefs and validate them.

Why do you want to go to heaven?  If it is just to avoid the alternative, is that OK? Just questions.


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