A New President….a New Beginning

Words cannot express the feelings I have as I watch President-elect Barack Obama accept his win as Presidency of the United States. Overjoyed. Hopeful. Shocked. Awed. These are just some of my immediate feelings tonight. All day long I tried to not think about the election and the results that would we hear. I never even believed that we would have a result tonight before midnight.

Marcus and I started our results- watching at our neighbor’s house as we had about 15 people that were all together biting nails and hanging on the edge of their seat as the electoral votes started to come in. As the night progressed between 9-9:30 pm, the atmosphere in the room began to anticipate that Obama really had a chance to win. As the clock struck 10 pm, Obama was announced as the elected president and the room literally erupted with joy and unimaginable excitement. Everyone was so happy and started calling their friends and family to talk about the history that was just made.

I am writing this post in the moment because I wanted to capture my raw feelings as I am experiencing them. I am happy tonight for several reasons that I will share below:

  • I am happy that Obama WON the electoral and the popular vote! He was not “selected”-he was truly elected by the people and there is absolutely no argument that he did not win or that he barely won. He trounced McCain-short and sweet!
  • I am happy that Obama WON because I believe that he truly deserved to win based on his political views, his experiences, and his absolute resolve and character shown throughout this campaign. This does not mean that I completely agree with all of his political views and ideas. But, I do agree with his vision for change and his character that he portrayed the entire election. I was impressed by his absolute respect for his opponent, his remarkable strategy, and most of all his humanness. He was always aware of what his opportunities were and spoke openly about them. But, more than speaking openly about them, he surrounded himself with others that were strong where he was weak. He always acknowledgedothers and showed a true connection to the people he vowed to support.  Overall, his character and personality set him apart above all. He refused to retaliate back to McCain with the negativity and petty politics that McCain and Palin used as their armor.
  • Lastly, I am happy that Obama WON because he is the 1st African-American to hold this office. And as a female African-American, I feel that I have won. I have won more hope, more resolve, and more determination. He has made such a statement that anything is possible. He has achieved goals that I did not even think I would see in this period in my life. I am happy for him and I am happy for me. I am happy that my daughter was able to witness this event tonight. This validates to her that anything is possible. Obama will be in her history books for sure. What a perfect example for her to see!
  • I am so proud beyond words. I was not around during segregation, so I am sure those that were have a deeper sense of pride and joy tonight that I could not imagine. But when I think that just 40 years ago ( 7 years before I was born), there were separate bathrooms for colored and whites. And now, a “colored” or African-American is the president-elect of the United States! Unbelievable! I did not vote for Obama just because we share the same race, but I am extremely proud that we are of the same race. There are a majority of people that assume that all African Americans support Obama just because he is African-American. I am here to say that is not true. He was an ideal candidate that gave so much more than just the “gold card” of being African-American. He is a great representation of the African-American race and exudes intelligence, purpose and deliberation beyond compare. I think about the times I have been treated differently because of my race and tonight there is a certain inward vindication that it is OK.

This has been a long race and it has finally ended, yet only begun. It will be important that all Americans support our new leader and the new direction the country is about to go in. I am not fooled thinking that Obama is the new saviour of the United States and that he will heal our economic maladies and foreign woes. He will make mistakes and in 4 years, all may not be resolved. Yet, I do believe things will be different and headed in a different direction. So, tonight we have a new President and a new beginning!


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