Will I ever hear a sermon again?

Will I ever hear a sermon again? That is the question of the day as I spent another day at church not in church, but in the hallway or a classroom. Lucas is 10 months old today and one thing is true-he has not learned the church handbook that says be quiet in church. Today, we made it through the first song and then we were out the rest of the service. He was sleepy, but refused to go to sleep. Which also meant he refused to be quiet. Hence, there I was with 2 other mothers who were having the same fate. At the churches we attend in Birmingham, there is no official mother’s room where you drop your kid off and go sit and enjoy the service. There is a mother’s room, but it is the hangout where all the weary mothers gather and exchange Fruit Puffs and talk about new motherhood tips. After about 5 minutes of that, you look around and wonder if you are at church or at the waiting room at the pediatrician’s office?

At this age, what can you do to keep them quiet at church? Snacks do not work unless you want to catch them mid-air as they try to hurl them at the elderly lady sitting in front of you. The ol’ sleep hold also does not work. Once your child pieces together that you are trying to get them to go to sleep-they get a new determination to let the whole church know they are against that. Every week it is the same old story. I try to be a good mom and sit on the back row on the end, but even as close as I am to the door-it is never close enough.

I will be glad when he gets to the age where it is reasonably expected that he knows better and can sit in the church quietly. I would like to hear a word from the Lord occasionally. Right now, all I hear is the munch of a Fruit Puff and a whine for more Fruit Puffs. In the meantime, can you please pray that this mommy will hear a sermon again!


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