Techno toys!

My husband, Marcus is a techno geek! Remember in an earlier post where I told you I was cheap and he was was the opposite of cheap? Well, put “not cheap” and techno geek together and what you do you have? A house fill of the latest gadgets that my husband has somehow convinced me that it is something we NEED and that it will make life easier. Well, this year I have managed to get a one-up on him on certain toys. This has been my year of me getting technically savvy. I have ventured on my own and got some new gadgets this year. Now granted, it is not like I got something off the shelf that had just come out. I will admit that I am behind the times on most, but I am so proud that I am venturing out there with techno-products.

So far this year, I have bought a GPS navigation system that I love! And I need it too because I am directionally challenged BAD. And with us being new to Birmingham, it has come in handy like you would not believe. Here (in Bham), they talk in “sides”-“that place is on the South Side” or “it is on the west side.” What does that mean? Talk to me in language of landmarks and street names-that is how I can relate. Anyways, I also bought an iPod that I love as well. It keeps me awake on my early commute into work. And now, this weekend I bought a new flat screen computer monitor and it is awesome! It is a 22″ black computer monitor and it has taken my computer viewing experience to a whole new level! It is bright, clear and big. I did not realize how small my CRT 17″ monitor really was. It still worked fine and gave a decent picture. But, in retrospect it was tiny and I am glad to not still be using it.  But don’t worry….I believe in recycling and I was a good Samaritan-I gave my old monitor to Marcus! 

I have to sign off now because I must take him his glasses so he can read that screen:)


One thought on “Techno toys!

  1. You should get an iPhone — comes with a built in GPS, has an iPod, Internet and email wherever you are, digital camera, Finn even plays games like Connect 4 and Labyrinth on our iPhones. I love it!!

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