Pedometer Update

Well, a few weeks ago I posted a picture of my new pedometer. In that post, I made a commitment to start walking.

Just to give you an update over the last 30 days on my pedometer action:I used it faithfully for two weeks and the highest I got was about 9100 steps! Just as I was gearing up, Murphy’s Law came after me with a vengeance. I was at a law seminar for work and was on a break. I headed to the bathroom and in the process of completing this task, I leaned over to flush the toilet and hit my waist. My pedometer came off and dropped in the toilet!! WHY does this have to happen to me-the girl who was already struggling to get started. That could have at least happened to the skinny lady who just “thinks” she is overweight. I even went after the pedometer and retrieved it. But, the poor thing will not even come on. The pedometer bites the dust:) But, I have not given up. Stay tuned.


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