“Bring back the days of yesterday”

Bring back the days of yesterday…the days when life was simple and the days where things just made sense. For example, the days when marriage was truly marriage between a man and a woman. You know..Man and woman get married, have kids, buy a picket fence home and glide into the sunset. Today, the world has taken a God-given, God-ordained principle such as marriage and now childbirth and have twisted it into something 360 degrees from its original design and purpose. I write this in frustration as I watched a snippet on Larry King Live with a segment titled “The Pregnant Man is Pregnant Again!” Let’s just stop right there with the pregnant man. Am I the only one completely disgusted that a man is pregnant?

Now, I can remember that when I was pregnant there may have been brief moments that I wished my husband could somehow experience the pains and changes only pregnancy can bring. But, I did not wish that literally. I think that would have taken transference of my pregnancy to another level.

I first heard about this “man” on Oprah a few months ago announcing that he was pregnant. I sat in shock and dismay as I saw him walk on stage seemingly pregnant. There I sat shocked, disgusted and sick to my stomach. At the same time, I was interested to hear the story so my mind could mentally piece together how this was possible. Apparently, the pregnant “man” was born a woman and had a sex change, but kept her ovaries intact. Result-woman turned man is pregnant! Some may be fascinated by this confusing, complicated and unnatural web. So, he and his wife gave birth earlier in the summer to a baby girl. Now, they have just announced that they are pregnant again!

 I just long for the simple God- given design where a true man and a true woman marry and have children. Simply put-husband and wife being fruitful and multiplying:) Bring back the days of yesterday. God had a perfect plan and it is still perfect today. It is just that simple.


One thought on ““Bring back the days of yesterday”

  1. I agree with you what is the big deal. He is a woman has female equipment technically not a man. Goes to show how distortrd news is. If a guy wants to go gay is he going to call up the news to announce he’s a fag. Terrible when there is so much for the news to coverup they have to lower themselves to cheap grocery store rag dirt. Why not talk about the twin that didn’t happen leaving the sister with two sets of ovaries and two uterouses. She could use the story money to have corrective surgery..

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