Is Fine Dining good eating?

I do not claim to be a food connoisseur. Just an average person that apparently enjoys average food.  This post comes about after a fine dining experience I had tonight. We had a fancy work dinner tonight after a team meeting. It was at Brock’s-a fine dining restaurant at the Renaissance Ross Bridge Resort. I have never enjoyed the upscale, eclectic fine dining establishments. In my opinion, they are more into presentation and pretty food than it tasting good. Usually, the menu is full of items that you cannot pronounce, you do no know what the food is listed on the menu, it takes forever and the portions are tiny. Well, tonight was no different. We arrived and they passed out the menus. I looked at it over and over trying ro find a name of something I recognized. You know, just simple words like salad, pasta, bread, mushrooms, etc. Instead it was words like “confit”, “foie gras”, and “profiteroles”.  What is that? Is it a person, place or thing? Is it edible, raw, alive, or what?

I peered over my menu and I took comfort in the fact there were 8 other people ( my entire team) with blank stares on their faces also trying to decipher the menu. I think everyone was afraid to ask the waitress for a dictionary to go with the menu or either did not even know where to begin. Anyways, we manage to order and it was at least another 1 1/2 hours before we got our food. In between the ordering and receiving our entree, they managed to bring out a mini chef appetizer, salads, bread, and a palate cleanser! If you are like me, you are scratching your head on what and why the need for a palate cleanser? When they brought out the bread, it came with a small tray of 3 varieties of butter-one yellow, one green and one brown. Did I mention this was supposed to be butter?

The palate cleanser was brought in a shot glass and the waitress called it cherry esplanade? It was literally Kool-aid that was frozen and it is the icy part before it melts.

Then, they finally bring our entrees and it was on a plate smaller than what my 10-month old eats off of. I had a pasta dish and it may have had 12 noodles on it! Did I mention the cost was average $40/plate?? $40 for 12.5 noodles that I had to wait for and cleanse my palate for. Something is wrong with that picture.

Maybe I am not upscale enough to appreciate the finer things in life like foie gras and duck confit. You may ask-What is foie gras? I had to look it up when I got home and I found it is the liver of a duck! $40 to eat liver of a duck. I am sorry, but this has no appeal for me. I am comfortable with much less than that apparently.

There must be a breed of individuals out there that appreciate this style as their food choice. Hats off to them! Personally, it would not hurt my feelings to never have to visit one again. I can continue to utilize my local drive-thrus and be happy. I must sign off now because I must find me something to eat and try to recoup the $40 just spent to be among foie gras!


One thought on “Is Fine Dining good eating?

  1. Hello
    I read your story with interest as I am a foodie myself and have been trying in these bleak times to have a few fine dinning experiences before the financial axe falls.
    I assume that this restaurant was your company’s choice and not yours, but in the future you can go to a website that I think covers all major cities. is a great site for searching by city, cuisine or a specific food even. Most have links to the restaurants website, and feature on screen menus with prices, and reviews from ordinary people. It helps to know how much (a place your friends or family are just dying to try) is going to cost you and also to pick your meal out before you even leave the house! You can even research what something is (so you don’t get a plate-full of “OMG what’s that !”) before you order it. So good luck next time, at least the company picked up the tab on your bad meal (I hope).
    Regards Glen

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