I am thankful for…

Tis’ the season to be thankful! Thanksgiving is like a pause button in our busy lives where we can breathe and ponder our very existence and things around us. And at the end of that breath, we should be able to count many blessings and not have enough time to get it all out. Thanksgiving is actually 2 days away, but I have started my “pause” button early and the following is a small reflection of what I am thankful for this season:

  • Thankful first for a God who extends to me daily undeserved grace and mercy
  • Thankful for my husband of ten years that serves the role as my biggest “cheerleader” and coach
  • Thankful for my two wonderful kids that bring unmeasurable joy.Thankful for flowers. I love flowers and the joy they bring to me whenever I see them.
  • Thankful for a job that is stress-free and enjoyable.
  • Thankful for family & friends (too many to count)
  • Thankful for the opportunity to see an African-American President-elect!
  • Thankful for nature-the birds, the mountains, the ocean. I love being among nature.

When you pause, what is on your list? Let’s not allow there to be only one day that we pause and say thanks. Let us be consciously aware of our blessings and say thank you every day!


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