Chain Letters and Superstitions

I was at lunch with some co-workers today and the subject of chain letters came up. You know, it is the annoying emails you get where someone that is supposed to be a friend asks you to send the same email to 10 other people. It is usually surrounding a petition for some cause or some promissory reward like you will win a Dell computer if you send it to 10 people in 10 seconds. Let’s be for real. Dell is not sending any computers to anyone because they know how to type 10 names and press send. That is just not going to happen folks! And then I also hate most forward emails where they have been forwarded to like 50 people’s different address books. I like some of the real funny joke emails and that is about it for all those kinds of emails.

Also at work today, I was getting on the elevator trying to find a training class which was on the 17th floor. There was a lady on the elevator about to go into cardiac arrest because there was a 13th floor! She was very superstitious and I am so NOT superstitious. She strongly believed that 13 was bad and there should not be a 13th floor. I just looked at her and was at a loss for the politically correct words to reply back to her without sounding like a jerk. My mind works so logical that I have a hard time really believing that 13 is a bad number and that we should somehow believe superstitions. I do not understand why a black cat cannot walk in front of me nor do I understand not walking on the lines on a sidewalk. There’s another one that says to not put your purse on the floor because it means you won’t have any money. Let’s think about this. “Who” knows my purse is on the floor? Why does that “who” care? If my purse being on the floor will cause me to not have money, why does it being on my shoulder not create wealth? It is off the floor more than it is on the floor. I think superstitions are just absolutely ridiculous! And that is all I have to say about that.


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