Kid Update

Just a brief update on the two babies: Lauren has two more loose teeth in the center at the top. Once those two come out, that will make a total of 4 lost teeth since the 5th birthday. Her bottom two teeth are 90% grown back.
Lucas turned 11 months old yesterday! In 30 days or so, he will be 1 and I am still in a whirlwind at how fast the time has gone. It seems like yesterday that I was pregnant hoping I had the baby before Christmas. Now, he is mobile and saying one word repetitively: “Daddy”. Why do all babies say this first? Just not fair. Anyways, he is eating more table food, but still refuses to drink out of a sippy cup. The goal is for him to be off his bottle by the time he turns 1 and it is not looking good. Stay tuned!






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