New Toy!

Motorola Krave™ ZN4This is really the year for me for techno toys as I have previously stated. My new toy this time is my new cell phone: the Motorola Krave by Verizon!  I have had it for a week now and I love it. I was forced to get a new phone because my old one stopped ringing. Yeah, that is right the speaker went out and it no longer rang. Of course, me being cheap wanted to get it fixed and the salesperson looked at me with pity and disdain as she stated it was not fixable and that I would have to purchase a new one. Her look said to me that I obviously was not hip or in tune to try and keep my old raggedy, cheap flip phone that was 2 years old. Maybe that was not her intent, but that is what I received.

Well, that news took me a week to get over as I comtemplated that it was not fair that I was forced to spend money on a new phone when I did not want to. Then I finally stopped my whiny, pity party and decided either to keep “wearing” my phone so I could feel it vibrate or to get up and go the store and buy a new phone. So, off to the store I went. I decided I would not go cheap, but find something I would like. The Krave is one of the newest Verizon phones. It is all touch screen and has a clear flip screen that is cool. I also can watch Mobile TV on the phone and it has Visual Voicemail capability which is another favorite. Visual Voicemail is a feature where you do not have to call into your voice mail to listen to your messages. Instead of your phone reading you have 5 messages, it will show you who the message is from. You can then pick which message you want to listen to and press one button and it plays the message for you audibly. How cool is that?

So far, I am loving the phone. The only thing I am having to get used to is texting on a touch screen. It is much more difficult than having a hard keyboard to press. But, each day I am getting better. I am glad I did not go cheap. I am happy with my non-cheap selection! 2008 is ending with a bang:)


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