Party Ideas for the Winter Babies

When women get pregnant, one of the first things they do is calculate their due date to see when they can expect their bundle of joy. That date is important for various reasons, one of which is to see what time of year the baby will be born in. The time of year dictates what type of birthday party a mother can plan. Hence-the reason for my post today. I wanted to share a fabulous winter party idea for those who have babies born in the winter, but want to do a summer party. It is just as cost effective as having a big bash at your house or going to Chuck E. Cheeses. You can modify the below idea however you like to fit your style.

Lauren went to her friend’s 5-year old birthday party last weekend and it was great. The birthday girl loves to swim, but being born in December does not naturally lend itself to having a swim party does it? Well, the mother is quite clever and creative and this is what she came up with: The mother had the B-day party at a hotel, the new Embassy Suites in Huntsville. She invited three of her daughter’s closest friends to come to the hotel for a sleepover. It started at 6:30 pm that evening and all the kids were there waiting on the birthday girl to arrive. The birthday girl arrived thinking she was tagging along with Daddy to visit his friends from Birmingham (that’s us!)at the hotel. She did not know that three of her close friends were there to celebrate her B-day.

The mother picked the Embassy because they have a heated indoor pool and that is what made this whole adventure a swimming party! The kids put on their bathing suits and took to the pool with life-jackets, water tubes and noodles. They splashed and had a good time for 2 hours. Then the mother had pizza delivered right to the poolside so the kids could eat. Then they swam some more. After much swimming, they finally retreated back to the hotel room where they had ice cream and cake. They stayed up and played until the hour got late.  The next morning, they all got up and went downstairs to eat from the wonderful breakfast buffet which was included in the price of the hotel room ( how convenient!). They then packed and the last treat on the agenda was a trip to Dollar Tree. Instead of doing gift bags, the mother took them to the Dollar Tree and let each child pick out 5 items to buy!! Of course the kids were so excited to pick out 5 things from the dollar store. Finally, it was about noon the next day and the mother delivered each child home individually to their parents fed, dry, and tired! That combination alone really tacked on 2-3 hours more of quiet time for the parents because the kids were so tired, they could not keep their eyes open. Lauren slept all the way home to Birmingham and we were happy parents.


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