Target Brand Organization Home PageI love Target! But, who doesn’t? This is my first post about TGT since I have been blogging, but the lack thereof does not equal my love for the store. I worked for the company for 6 years and it was a great experience. Also, I absolutely love the store and the “brand” experience you have each and every time you shop there. You see…Target has a “brand” that is untouchable and deniable. It is the small things that set them apart from the Wal-marts of the world. You can always expect more from them than your average retailer.

Well, on my visit to the store today I encountered something that I thought was just cool. On my receipt, I noticed that all of my items were organized by category! It had them listed under the appropriate headings of grocery, etc. An organized receipt! How many times do you want to return something at a store and you or the salesperson have to scan down the receipt trying to find the item? With this new organization, you can go to the appropriate category heading and find your item.

That is the brand of Target and I love it. Expect More. Pay Less.


One thought on “Target Brand Organization

  1. It’s like Lisa once told me: You can take the girl out of Target but you can’t take the Target out of the girl! I, too, love the organized receipt. They also put a little “+” out next to the items that are health items so you can organize your health expenses for FSAs or taxes. I like your Christmas blog layout too! Merry Christmas!

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