Christmas Pics

Lucas in his Christmas sweater

Lucas in his Christmas sweater

Unfortunately, we did not get to take a family Christmas picture. Both weekends we planned to go, Lucas was sick and had a runny nose and red face which would not have made for good pictures. Nevertheless, I attempted to take some pics at home. I got some good pics of Lauren in her beautiful holiday dress.

Lauren in holiday dress

Lauren in holiday dress

My mother-in-law bought her Christmas dress as she has for the past 3 years or so. This particular dress has been my favorite to date and it comes from Wooden Soldier on line at  It is a beautiful red silk dress coupled with an nice green sash that can be worn as a bow/sash in the front or back. My favorite part of the whole dress though is the latticework hem- it is absolutely gorgeous! So much fun to have a little girl:)

Wooden Soldier has beautiful clothing for boys and girls that can be worn for special occasions. They also come with a “beautiful” price tag. But isn’t that what grandparents do-buy the things that parents wouldn’t buy??


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