2008 has ended and what a year it has been! First of all, I am extremely thankful that God has brought me and my family to the end of another year safe and well. As with any year, 2008 brought it challenges and its triumphs. As I reflect, here are some memorable 2008 moments:

  • January- our son Lucas was born! We started the year off with a special blessing. After suffering 2 miscarriages, I count Lucas as a miracle and the son that I thought many times I would never have. He is my love and I adore him so much. He has taught me that mothers have enough love for as many children as she gives birth to. I am thankful and proud that he joined our family in 2008.




  • March-I returned to work from maternity leave and received a new job assignment. I gained more responsibility and was responsible for 19 OfficeMax retail stores in 4 different states in addition to supporting the distribution center I already had. I loved the new assignment, but did not love the toll and sacrifice the family had to make. It would have been a lot easier if we had a support system in Birmingham, but we don’t. It was just Marcus and I as a tag team. Those were trying times, but we made it through.
  • May-Marcus and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary! This was a huge milestone and one that we are proud of. Like any marriage, we have had ups and downs, but we are still together and stronger because of the downs.
    Pic from our anniversary weekend

    Pic from our anniversary weekend


  • July-Marcus and I starting having small group Bible Study at our house. We get together 2x month with a small group and study the bible, specifically last day events and prophecy. It has been a blessing to get together and talk about God.
  • August-Got new job! I am thankful for the new job the Lord blessed me with. It is counter opposite from my last job. It is less hours, less travel and less stress! Amen to that.
  • December-This month marked two years we have been in Birmingham. It does not seem like it has been two years, but it has. Birmingham has been a good move for us in spite of the challenges it brings having no family here. Overall, we have grown spiritually as a couple and have drawn closer together.

These are just some small remembrances of 2008 that I cherish and think of. I am thankful for all that God has allowed to take place in 2008 and how he took care of us. I know he will do the same in 2009.


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