Different, Yet Presidential

Yesterday marked an unforgettable day in history with the inauguration of Barack Obama as the first African-American U.S. President! It was a proud day as we witnessed change and potentially hope. There are some who doubt Obama’s ability to change all and they have a great cloud of skepticism. That is OK because it is everyone’s right to believe how they choose. One thing I know for sure is that Obama is different from Bush, different from the last administration, and just plain different.

On www.cnn.com today, they had an interesting snippet how Obama has changed a “Bush rule”. They showed a picture of Obama sitting in the Oval Office (his Oval Office, I might add:) with his suit jacket off! Apparently, Bush had a rule that he nor anyone else was to be in the Oval Office without their suit jacket on.  That is nonsense! If it is your office, why the rules about what you can wear in your office. Obama is just different.

Another difference: the standard White House website has been redesigned and was launched during Obama’s inauguration yesterday. Check it out at www.whitehouse.gov. It has a new look and is a very “open” site with a plethora of accessible information about his agenda, his administration, etc. it is very different than usual. Obama is different in this regard because he is technically savvy and displayed this side throughout his campaign. He even is a “self-professed” Blackberry addict. He has consistently used text messaging and emails as a communication platform to share his ideas, agenda, information, etc. The entire inauguration weekend, we received several text messages from his camp giving tips on inauguration attendance, parking info, updates, etc. That is just plain different.

Yet with all the differences, he is very presidential. His presence is commanding, yet calm. His demeanor is respectful, yet humbled. He challenges, but never degrades. He exudes an equal amount of assertion and compassion. His speech is eloquent, yet common and understandable. As he speaks and interacts, you can sense that he is concerned about the details-the small things that are the BIG things for others.  He is a great model thus far for what one would consider presidential. I am excited that he is the President and look forward to his differences and his presidential ability.


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