Back to Surgery

Tomorrow, our 1 year old son Lucas has to have surgery again to have tubes placed in his ears. He had the exact same surgery in October and has had multiple, recurring ear infections since then. We have been on 5 different antibiotics, shots, ear drops, ear irrigation, and allergy medicine just to name a few. All have been tried to no avail. By Day 3 or 4 of the antibiotics, he seems like he is on the road to recovery and then by Day 10, we are back at the doctor’s office with the same symptoms. The amount of money we have spent for prescriptions and doctor visits in the past 4 months have been well over $500. The doctor described one antibiotic “the mother of them all” and assured us that this would fix it. He even gave us a $100 off coupon to help us get the prescription. I did not even know there were coupons for prescriptions! That medicine still did not work regardless of the high price tag it carried.

We finally went back to the ENT and I sat there as he fumbled through possible things it may be. In essence, he has no clue and it has taken me two weeks to accept that and not be bitterly angry. As a mom, I just want my baby to be well and I want the doctor to have a solution. He said it could be allergies. He said this was very rare and that he has not seen lots of cases like this. I feel comforted-ugh!

Anyway, tomorrow the doctor will take his old tubes out and replace them with a new, different kind of tube that is coated with an antibiotic. Also, he will do a blood test to check for allergies and finally he will do a culture on his ear drainage to see why it may be resistant bacteria or resistant to the antibiotics. In October, I felt hopeful that his first set of tubes would solve all his ear woes. After all, we had tubes put in our daughter’s ears and it was amazingly successful. I surely did not think we would have to go down this road again with Lucas.

I pray for strength yet again for tomorrow. Most importantly, I pray that we find a solution that will clear up all of his ear troubles and that he will be infection-free.


One thought on “Back to Surgery

  1. I hope this procedure will fix it and they can find out what’s going on. I know how frustrating that can be to have a child with a problem that the dr. can’t fix — been there quite a few times! Finn actually got his third set of ear tubes last week. (Long story) Keep us updated!

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