Post Surgery

Lucas did well in his surgery yesterday. It lasted about 20 minutes. They took out his old tubes and replaced them with new tubes. The doctor said his ears were full of drainage yet again. He took a sample of the drainage so they could do a culture on it. Also, they did a blood test for allergies. The doctor’s 1st guess now is that the recurring ear infections could be linked to allergies.

Yesterday, I was a complete basket case because this is his 2nd surgery and I am not quite sure I believe that this is the solution. In my mind, I keep racking my brain trying to understand what could be causing all this fluid and why do antibiotics not work? An allergen seems like a plausible answer, but allergic to what? He said that soy, milk, wheat and corn are the top allergens. Where do you start?

Lucas goes back for a follow up appointment  in 2 weeks to get the allergy test results and get re-checked. Until then, I am unsure what to do next. I am thankful he came through surgery ok without any complications. Now, if we can just avoid any future surgeries….


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