Even Target?

Target.com Home PageTarget Corporation announced Thursday that it will layoff 500 people from the corporate office as well as close their distribution center in Little Rock, Arkansas!  Yes, layoffs are definitely the flavor of the day. There are countless reports that yet another business is laying off hundreds of employees. But, even Target?

Even though it is common headlines for today, it is shocking for me nonetheless. Shocking because I worked for the company for 6 years and this is completely out of character and not what they call “Target brand.”  Target prides itself on the fact that it has never done a layoff and they will boldly say they do not do any layoffs. Well…the present state of the economy knows no boundaries and Target is now among the masses that have announced layoffs.

I also found it interesting that when Target made its first announcement on Thursday, they declined to comment how many positions they would be laying off. WHY? Why should the number of layoffs be a secret at this point? Companies left and right are announcing layoff numbers of hundreds and some even thousands. And they have the audacity or the Target “brand essence” they call it to not give a number of how many. Your “no-layoff” reputation is now tarnished, so what is the harm in supplying the number?

 Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Target fan, but I feel I have a right , even if a minuscule one, to discuss their brand or the lack thereof. Again, I am shocked to see Target among the layoff teams, but the present economy dictates that it must be so. Yes, even Target.


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