What I Know For Sure

**I have re-learned an important lesson that I thought I knew and had mastered. That lesson is that Prayer Changes Things. There are many sayings, books, and stories on the power of prayer, how to pray, what to pray, etc. But, it is not until you come face to face with your own personal story that you learn that prayer changes things.

Here is my personal story: I have blogged several times about our son Lucas and his bout with chronic ear infections. He had his first ear infection when he was 3 months old and by the time he was 7 months old, we began a journey of constant ear infections that refused to go away. We tried 2 sets of tubes, 6 different antibiotics, shots, allergy medication, allergy testing and antibiotic ear drops.  He received his last set of tubes on Tuesday, January 27 and by Thursday, January 29, he had a 102 degree fever, runny nose, cough and congestion. We took him back to the doctor Saturday, January 31 and they prescribed another antibiotic and sat there dumbfounded unable to offer any answers or consolation. The doctor’s next suggestions were to put him on a round of stronger shots for 5 days in a row and try a new ear drop that was potentially toxic to the ears! What options are those?  How do you consciously choose signing your kid up for shots 5 days in a row and giving drops that may or may not cause hearing loss ?

 As a mother, that was my breaking point. I had enough and my heart ached with pain as I watched my one year old cry and fuss in pain and I had nothing to offer him. Absolutely nothing to offer to take the pain away. Isn’t that what mommies do? It is part of my job description as a mommy to take the pain away. Every time I laid him down and went near his ears or offered him more medicine, I was reminded that I had nothing to take away the pain. I then felt desperate and destitute of any answers.

After much crying and praying, I was moved to action. The thought came to me to send out an email to our friends and family asking for them to pray for Lucas. Instead of me not sharing what was going on, I decided to let other people know because they just might have a suggestion to try or if nothing else, they could pray. My goal was to flood the throne of heaven with as many prayers for Lucas as I could. Our friends responded quickly and in love. I received several emails and calls with encouraging words, prayers and suggestions.

The next course of action we decided was to try natural or alternative medicines instead of antibiotics. I was completely done with medicines, drops and anything the doctor prescribed. None of it was working and we had been doing the same thing for 6 months.

Long story short, we started giving Lucas 6-8 oz.carrot juice every morning and he sucked it down with no problem! Carrot juice is frequently called the “miracle juice” because of its amazing health benefits. Next, based on potential allergies, we eliminated soy milk from his diet and put him on almond milk. In his milk,, we would add garlic oil to his milk. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and cleanser. Lastly, we used oregano oil to help pull the infection and congestion out of his system. Oregano oil is also a natural antibiotic and fights infections. We rubbed it on his chest and the soles of his feet before he went to bed each night. It gets absorbed into the skin and draws the infection and congestion out.

We have done these treatments for 10 days and it has worked. Lucas went to see a pediatric ENT today and the doctor was puzzled and asked “Why are you here?” There was no fluid, redness or inflammation in his ears. We have not heard that report in over 6 months!

I am convinced that prayer changes things and I am convinced that God has given us natural ways of healing the body. I am ashamed that I did not turn to God and his way first before trusting in the doctors and what they provided. No one can tell me that this is coincidental or happenstance. I had a crying and sick baby on January 31. I got rid of all the doctor’s medicines and methods that day. We started God’s way (prayer and alternative/natural methods) and within 10 days,  the fevers, the coughs, the congestion and inflamed, fluid-filled ears. are gone. As a mommy, I am thankful and encouraged. What I know for sure is this…prayer changes things.

Be encouraged and know that prayer can not only change an ear infection, but it can change you:)


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