Who Wants Cloth?

Marcus and I have been looking for a new SUV that would afford us more space and leg room. We have an Explorer that we have had for almost 8 years which is hard to believe. We have loved it and it still is reliable transportation. However, as we have added a new child and Lauren’s legs are stretching out, we simply need more space. Marcus, who is 6’6 and Lauren who is in the 95% percentile for height (wonder why?) fight constantly for leg room every time the whole family rides together.

As we have been searching for a vehicle, I have come across several vehicles we have found at good prices, but they have cloth seats! I was shocked that they made certain vehicles with cloth seats and struggle to find why a person would want cloth seats. There are some things in a car we are willing to budge on, but cloth seats are not one of them. I cannot imagine going back to cloth seats, especially with two small children.

Apparently, there must an audience that does not mind the cloth because otherwise they would not make them right? I just struggle to figure out who that audience is. So, I ask again-“Who wants cloth?”


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