Valentines and Waffles

This was the “weekend of  love” as many celebrated Valentine’s Day. I must admit Marcus and I do not go to the extreme to celebrate this occasion anymore as in times past. The holiday never goes by unnoticed, but it is not one where we plan big things or buy big presents. We never want to go out to dinner that night andwait for 2 hours amongst all the “teeny boppers” we call them. You know, teeny boppers are the young teenagers who are out overdressed andgiddy because they get to hang out late with some guy that just started paying them attention 2 weeks ago. Or if you are not waiting beside teeny boppers, you are beside the couple who are in their early to mid 20’s that are still dating and the girl is hoping that this may be the night he proposes.

So, I ask myself  where does a married couple of 5+ years with 2 or more kids fit amongst that? They fit at home ordering in a pizza trying to grab some alone time as soon as the kids go to bed.

But, that is not what this post is about. It is about a brief article featured in the Birmingham News today. The article talked about Waffle House tried a new concept this year to celebrate Valentine’s Day. One of  the stores in Birmingham had candlelight dinner for its guests on Saturday. They  had white tablecloths, candlelight, and romantic music playing over the PA system. When I saw that, I was between laughter and confusion. I like Waffle House and I will give them credit for having some of the best waffles and eggs. But, when I think  of romance and love, the thought of syrup, waffles,  and a jukebox do not enter my mind.

Who goes to Waffle House to celebrate Valentine’s Day? I am sure they had customers in there on Saturday that had a taste for breakfast food, etc. But, did they purposely go to eat by candlelight across from their love and whisper sweet nothings? Not quite sure of Waffle House’s intent or marketing scheme, but if I were them I would just stick to waffles and syrup!


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