Goodbye Dental Insurance!

My 5 year old Lauren started her mission of losing teeth in August. She lost her 1st tooth the 2nd week in August and a few days after that, she lost another one. Shortly after that, she complained that her teeth at the top were hurting and lo and behold, she had two more loose teeth front and center. She lost both of those in January at Lucas’ 1 year checkup. That was a day when having two kids felt like more than I could handle. I had Lucas crying about to get shots and Lauren with a mouth full of blood as she lost one tooth eating a Rice Krispy Treat! So, after that doctor’s visit, she was down two more teeth for a total of four.

Daddy pulling Lauren's 5th tooth!

Daddy pulling Lauren's 5th tooth!

Well, last week without a lot of warning, Lauren had another loose tooth that went from loose to “about to fall out”! Her daddy graciously stepped in and pulled it for her in a split second. She has now lost 5 teeth in a matter of 6 months! I jokingly told her that I might as well cancel my dental insurance on her because at the rate she is going, she will not have any more teeth:)

Lauren all smiles:)

Lauren all smiles:)


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Dental Insurance!

  1. Bless her heart. Can she eat with that many teeth gone? Finn has not a lost a one, but they say girls lose teeth sooner I guess. He has one on the bottom that has been loose for a while but is still hanging on. Cute pictures!

  2. Yeah, she can still eat pretty good. There are some things like apples or Rice Krispy treats she has to do in small pieces or eat on the side. She is proud to be toothless though!

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