I still like dresses!

I was eating lunch with some co-workers yesterday and one of the ladies commented she had to go and help her teenage daughter find a dress for a school function. The discussion continued and two ladies in the conversation stated that they did not even own a dress. I was shocked!

I guess I never had a thought that there was a lady out there that did not own a dress. I have heard ladies say that do not like to wear dresses, but I am pretty sure it is my first time hearing that a lady did not own one.

I began to quickly think “Am I one of those ladies who thinks she is fashion forward, but just doesn’t realize fashion has skated by her?” I seriously began to question my fashion sense and started rolling around in my head just how many ladies I have recently seen wear a dress. I could not immediately come up with one and then I really got worried. Are dresses a thing of the past like Guess jeans and I am just not aware?

I still wear dresses to church and not a pant suit. I still wear dresses to funerals or weddings. Also, I love to wear dresses in the spring or summer. Dresses are to me one of the best wardrobe pieces a lady can use to show femininity. There is just a difference between a dress and a pant suit….there just is. I still cannot recall if I have seen any ladies (outside of church) in dresses lately, but nevertheless ….I still like dresses!


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