World of Convenience

We all know and can agree that we are living in the world of convenience. From items at the grocery store (ready to eat meals) to the latest technology (TiVo)-it is all geared to be convenient-quicker, faster, and easier. Gadgets and items are designed to make us wait less, get things now, and to be totally comfortable.

I just got a boost in my convenience level a few months ago when my hair stylist , Toya stopped taking calls for hair appointments and directed all of her clients to book their appointments online! There have been several times I have called the shop and had to wait for her to come to the phone because she was shampooing another client. Or I have had to wait for the receptionist to look through her appointment book and find the perfect time slot for me as I try to negotiate with her on every time slot/day she first mentions. Or better yet I get busy at work and forget to call and make an appointment so I have to wait until the next day (which is even busier) to call.

Now, I no longer have to do that. Toya uses www.bizlinkms.comand I am able to go in anytime at my “convenience” and book all my appointments that I want up to 6 months at a time! I can choose which option I am coming in for and what day/time. I then receive an email or text message the day before to remind me of my appointment.

It is absolutely great, but most of all it is true convenience. Convenience…to a whole new level. Thanks Toya!


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