Funny Kid Moment

Apparently my 5 year old is getting started early on her communication techniques. I was talking to a friend of mine, Elaine who has a daughter, Morgann that is the same age as Lauren. After Elaine and I stopped talking, Morgann asked to speak to Lauren. Lauren gets on the phone all excited as if it is her best friend from China. The two of them gab it up for about 15 minutes before I politely had to ask them to end so Lauren could get ready for bed. The funniest part about all of it though is this picture of Lauren as she was talking!

Lauren talking away!

Lauren talking away!

She is sitting in her bedroom in her favorite chair, with legs crossed laughing and talking! You would think she is a teenager with all of her mannerisms. If this is the scene at 5, what will it be like at age 13?


Good conversation at 5!

Good conversation at 5!


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